SEO Backlink Tools

As SEO professionals we often get asked about the tools we use to get the job done. We interview many SEOs around the globe and often ask this question but normally leave it out on our posts. We have found that most very successful search marketing agencies rely on more than one resource to check backlinks.

Not all SEO tools are the same of course but some outshine others for certain things. It would be best to trial those you’re interested in and decide from there.

Below are the most common backlink checking tools we hear about:

  1. Ahrefs– not just a great backlink tool but really a great SEO resource for organizing and keeping track of your client sites. The site explorer gives a ton of feedback to users, such as; site power, anchor text usage, best linked content, a list of competitors and many more great options.
  2. Moz– well known and used in the industry today, Moz has a great reputation for being a leading name for search marketing tools, with a keyword difficulty scale, backlink profile and many more uses Moz is a great option for those wanting to be a better marketer.
  3. Majestic– Where CF (citation flow) & TF (trust flow) are tracked and evaluated by savvy search marketers. An anchor text pie chart also help quickly determine where some of the work should begin to evaluate a site.
  4. Open Link Profiler– a free site that can help those professionals on a tight budget. This is a free service that often times can help give another great overview of links that other tools may have missed.

This is by far not the only options out there but definitely the most common resources used that we hear about.

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