SEO Backlink Tools

As SEO professionals we often get asked about the tools we use to get the job done. We interview many SEOs around the globe and often ask this question but normally leave it out on our posts. We have found that most very successful search marketing agencies rely on more than one resource to check backlinks.

Not all SEO tools are the same of course but some outshine others for certain things. It would be best to trial those you’re interested in and decide from there.

Below are the most common backlink checking tools we hear about:

  1. Ahrefs– not just a great backlink tool but really a great SEO resource for organizing and keeping track of your client sites. The site explorer gives a ton of feedback to users, such as; site power, anchor text usage, best linked content, a list of competitors and many more great options.
  2. Moz– well known and used in the industry today, Moz has a great reputation for being a leading name for search marketing tools, with a keyword difficulty scale, backlink profile and many more uses Moz is a great option for those wanting to be a better marketer.
  3. Majestic– Where CF (citation flow) & TF (trust flow) are tracked and evaluated by savvy search marketers. An anchor text pie chart also help quickly determine where some of the work should begin to evaluate a site.
  4. Open Link Profiler– a free site that can help those professionals on a tight budget. This is a free service that often times can help give another great overview of links that other tools may have missed.

This is by far not the only options out there but definitely the most common resources used that we hear about.

Advanced Tactics an Interview with a Utah SEO Agency

The following is an interview with David Mumma, a local Utah SEO agency serving Salt Lake City and surrounding cities. In this interview we cover local SEO tactics, on-page factors and more.

Question 1

You’re relativity new to the SEO industry right?

Yes I found a group of professional and dedicated SEO experts that set the bar high on performance and innovative search marketing link strategies.

Question 2

What made you to want to become an SEO specialist?

This answer has two parts. First part- ever since I was a child I have been interested in business. I wanted to know why people went into business, why they went out of business, what kept them going, what challenged them the most and so on. I knew early on that I wanted to be a business owner and a consultant, I just didn’t know the best way to go about it.

Second part- I worked for an IT service company out of Idaho that believed that you had to pay the search engines in order to rank. We weren’t ranking and weren’t sure why. We started paying for adwords since the owner was convinced it was a step in the right direction for ranking.

Having been in networking groups before and knowing about the SEO industry I suspected there had to be more to the story.

My first quest was to answer what factors would Google use to populate the search results and in what order. Google didn’t seem to rank businesses or sites that would pay or care about marketing based on their reputation and obvious lack of marketing.

Next I wanted to know why the sites in the map listing didn’t show up below the map.

As soon as I started research I realized that there was a lot of speculations, guessing and disagreements on what factors actually help sites rank for related search queries.

After long hours and weeks of pouring over blogs and article sites I decided to try and find somewhere to get some formal training.

I found a training organization that I thought would be a great start to learning SEO and I got started training with the best and quickly learned why many local SEOs fail at helping rank businesses.  I found a way to help businesses improve their visibility online and accomplish my childhood dreams as well.

Question 3

So what makes you different from other SEO agencies in Utah?

Well mostly I believe one of the best ways to implement SEO is through brand development and strategy. There basically a cycle of vision, goals, R&D, product/ service development and then working to build a customer base. Helping businesses interact with customers through online via site conversion or online word of mouth helps build buzz and social signals to web assets. Then I use on-page tactics that help establish brands through trusted resources that people use to find and interact with businesses.

Secondly I seem to have much better training then many of the SEO agencies in Utah. I normally don’t bother looking at competition but have had to dive in and unravel some of their work to fix or improve what they have done.

Third I don’t just take any client. I take clients that can see the value of SEO and are willing to commit to a relationship. I need a client to commit to the relationship since I require a lot of information, files and access to effectively handle their web assets. It is a long term relationship even though I try to set an end date with clients depending on their business.

Question 4

So can you expand on what on-page factors you implement to help clients rank well in the search engines?

Well I can to an extent. Some of my training is what sets me apart from others and give me a competitive advantage but that said, I focus on content, not cause it’s “king”, because it’s how you become relevant.. I focus on site speed, site responsiveness, H1 tags, name address and phone number and many other factors.

Question 5

What one thing would you say can improve the overall ranking for a local business website?

There really isn’t one thing that can improve a sites visibility online. However, there are several things that can be grouped together that are generally missing from a sites structure. The list includes:

  • Name, address and phone number
  • Locations
  • Area served
  • Products
  • Services
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • URL Structure
  • Quality content
  • Recent updates

To learn more about how SEO can improve your ranking in search engines in Utah visit Utah SEO Company- David Mumma.

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